Venice Deluxe

Save the city of Venice from sinking


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Varied levels and puzzles


  • Pretty draining on system resources

Very good

Saving the sinking city of Venice isn't an easy task in this game, but its fun puzzles and challenges will keep you amused for quite some time. One of the best things about the game is that each level represents a different building in the city meaning that the gameplay is very varied and doesn't become boring over time.

The action is fast and furiouis as you frantically shoot objects into their corresponding holes from your gondola, with some great power-ups to be had along the way if you can master the combos. Due to the speed at which all the objects whizz and fly through the air it's advisable to have a pretty powerful machine in order to play this, but makes for a fun puzzler if you do.

The water is rising and it's up to you to rescue the sinking buildings of Venice by restoring their lost treasures. Launch coins, lyres and ruby rings into the matching shapes moving overhead, but think fast because blocks, chutes and devious traps threaten to drag the city under.

You'll need smart timing and nifty trick shots to stay afloat, so bring your best puzzle and arcade skills! There's a city to save in Venice - a fast-paced arcade puzzler that's a flood of fun for all the family!



Venice Deluxe

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